3D Scanning & Printing with Corbel3D

We recently met up with Jingyi Zhang and Patrick Wirt – the owners of Corbel3D, to discuss some possible collaboration for the Galactic Battles project. I have to say, they have a pretty sweet setup over there!

For those not already familiar, Corbel3D is a Vancouver-based 3D printing and scanning company that has the only 3D printer that has the ability to print in more than 390,000 color combinations. What? A printer that can literally PRINT OUT a full-colored piece? We just had to see this for ourselves!Fred and I dropped by this Saturday afternoon and took a look at the facilities to check out how we could make this work together for Galactic Battles. I had also heard about a service called “Mini-Me”, which takes a full 3D scan of you, and prints it out on a 5 or 6″ full-colored figure!What’s really coincidental is that, located on the Corbel3D main website, is a slider that has Kevin Hickman in full armor in a scanning booth. Since we’re modeling him for the project, a scanned 3D model of him would be extremely useful, and Corbel3D was able to provide us a super-high detailed bust model for our reference.
We took a look at the setup they had, and I must say that we were very impressed. They had 2 scanning booths (one was just being set up). The new rig, which will be available in about a week or so, will host 128 DSLR cameras for an insanely accurate and INSTANT 3D scan! The guys at Corbel3D invited us back once the new rig is complete, so that we could bring Kevin in for a full body scan for the Galactic Battles Project.We’ve decided to scan the Master Chief in with Corbel’s scanning technology to either use as amazing reference, or to actually be able to use the scanned model itself as an asset in the film. This would not only speed up production, but it would also give us an extremely accurate 3D representation of our actor model to be used as a body double in some of the full CG shots we will be working on.
An idea came up to partner with Corbel3D so that we can offer some really cool perks for the upcoming IndieGoGo Funding Campaign that we are about to launch. Mark Meer has agreed to do a full scan in his N7 armor, which may end up making a really cool perk for anyone donating a certain amount to the Campaign. I mean, who wouldn’t want a 6″ 3D printed statue of Master Chief and Commander Shepard standing back-to-back sitting on their desk at work?For anyone in the market for anything 3D printed or scanned, I would highly recommend checking these guys out. Looking to print out a personal figurine of yourself? Want a 3D family portrait? Or even a 3D copy of your pet? Check out their Mini-Me service!

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