Project Update – March 21st, 2015

Over the past few weeks, the Project Team has been working hard on completing assets, building scenes and environments, and planning for the next stages.

At this point, most assets have been modeled and UV’ed. Some need to be textured and shaded, but the comp teams have started compositing full CG scenes. The team is in full swing now, and nothing can stop us.

We will be launching a new live action trailer mid next week, which will be announced here and on the IndieGoGo Campaign. The new Live Action trailer will be featuring some of our favorite characters, and will give you a new perspective on the Battle.

Corbel 3D has printed off one of our props (to be shown soon), and filming for the trailer has been spanned over last weekend and this weekend. Our artists have been working hard to get the shots processed and ready for a deadline on Wednesday, March 25th at the Network Hub for the VanCG Meetup Event, The Trailer will be hitting Youtube on Thursday, March 26th, 2015.

Stay tuned for more updates…

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