Galactic Battles hits Vancouver! (Trailer)

As part of the the Galactic Battles IndieGoGo Funding Campaign, the team has put together a 54 second live-action trailer for the film. This trailer takes place in Vancouver, and is meant to build up a hype by hitting close to home for it’s local Vancouver fan-base and incorporating all 4 franchises (Halo, Star Wars, Mass Effect and Star Trek). Director, Calvin Romeyn, has some pretty intense action planned for the fans!

Cosplay actors Kevin Hickman (Master Chief) and Courtney Pozzolo (Cortana) appear in the trailer, making it, at first, seem like a Halo trailer… but then later revealing the cross-franchise party when Master Chief gazes across the Vancouver skyline. Nobody is prepared for what Chief does next.

The trailer is meant to shock and draw people in… What’s next? Well, we should all know at the end of 2015 when the final film is scheduled to be released. Check out the Live Action Trailer here!

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