Galactic Battles Lands a Real Orchestra!

Another amazing announcement regarding the Galactic Battles Project comes this week! The film will be complimented by an orchestra performing the Main Theme, composed by José Pavli! The orchestra, based in New York, came on board within the last few weeks, and has left the team ecstatic!

“Truly a GLOBAL fan effort! I love this project!”
– Kevin Hickman, ‘Master Chief’, Galactic Battles

French composer (based in London), José Pavli, has organized the orchestra for the film. The orchestra is a huge opportunity and anamazing feat for a non-profit, short indie film like this one.

The Orchestra is a shared remote session with a 50 piece orchestra based in New York, that offers to record shared sessions in their studio every 6 months. José was able to secure a spot in this orchestra specifically for the Galactic Battles film. The fact that this is shared with other composers, makes it affordable and possible. José also plans, if he has time, to record another part of the score with a much bigger orchestra in Budapest. This time, he would be conducting the session himself.

José started studying classical guitar and music theory at the Conservatoire when he was 4 years old. It was at the age of 9, when he heard Metal Gear Solid 2’s soundtrack by Harry Gregson-Williamsfor the first time, that he decided that he wanted to become a composer for Films and Video Games.

He studied Orchestration, Composition and Harmony at the Conservatoire National de Marseille in France. He later graduated from the ENJMIN (French National Video Game School ) in “Composing for Video Games.” After working as a freelance composer, he decided to join the prestigious “National Film and Television School” of London, where he is currently doing an MA in Composing for Film and TV.

José is a huge fan of Science Fition in general – especially of Mass Effect and Star Wars; and was really honoured to have the opportunity to compose the music for such an exciting and ambitious project with a team made of fans and passionated people!

Recording will take place once the final cut of the film is sent to José to be mixed, then sent off to the Orchestra.

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