Freddie Wong is coming to Vancouver!(Saturday, May 13th, 2017)

A world-renowned filmmaker, director, entrepreneur and YouTube sensation is visiting Vancouver this weekend to share with us his whirlwind experiences and to talk one-on-one, about the surges in his success.

It’s continuing to be a truly unique and fascinating career that Freddie Wong is paving for himself. Freddie made it into the Forbes Under 30’s list in 2015 and it’s no wonder he’s gaining momentum at top speed; with companies such as RocketJump, BrandonJLa and Node, Netflix series Video Game High School, as well as owning LA-based production company, Overcrank Media. Freddie has experimented with numerous aspects of filmmaking; VFX, writing, music, acting, whilst simultaneously directing and producing. As a pioneer of digital filmmaking, he has extremely valuable knowledge of how the industry works, having combined both a creative and a business perspective.

Some may know Freddie to have found success through his acclaim as a YouTube sensation, however Freddie originally started as a VFX Artist with a wild imagination and the ambition to chase his vision. Why not meet Freddie this Saturday to find out more about the road to success and the battles in between?

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