“CR – Complete-Reality” Indie Film

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This is a posting from some indie filmmakers from our community:

Our sci-fi short film will be screened at the Rio Theatre on September 9th. We are in a 10 day filmmaking competition call MAMM which is like Crazy 8’s. Dates are August 11th to 20th. So we will working together asap. We already have 2 visual effects people and want to form a bigger team. Exciting opportunity to work on set with professional crew and also working in post vfx.

This is a UBCP Ultra Low Budget Film where all actors and crew are volunteering. We will credit you an IMDB credit and good food. Thank you!

The story is about how we can use our minds to control another body.

Please send a demo reel and resume to cr.completereality@gmail.com

Synopsis: A 10 minute proof of concept short film to be developed as a feature film length story. Tyler Lin, a computer genius with a debilitating skin condition is cared and adored by his childhood sweetheart, Riley Cho, a neuroscientist. Together, they go on a pursuit to eliminate all physical disabilities by creating the CR Chip which connects to the mind allowing people to control an identical (CR) body with no physical limitations.

As the world demands Virtual Reality to be Complete Reality, the CR Chip is redesigned for beta testing in the gaming industry and the military world. In a test to determine the CR body’s strength versus elite human fighters, we witness some epic martial arts from all over the world as video gamers use their minds to perform incredible stunts.

Dystopia ensues when these CR bodies begin to have a mind of its own and turn against humans. No one can distinguish between the CRs and the humans as they look identical. Even Riley does not know that the CR is pretending to be her lover, Tyler.

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