The VCGA (Vancouver Computer Graphic Association) is a non-profit organization that was originally founded in 2012, running monthly events called ‘VanCG Meetup‘. Our primary goals are to connect people interested or in the VFX and CG industry with each other, VFX & CG companies, and to offer training and workshops. We also offer monthly social events and guest speaker events.

Our Team

Nick Romick
President, CEO

Nick originally founded the VCGA (Vancouver Computer Graphics Association) in 2012 with the goal of bringing together the Vancouver Visual Effects, Film and Video Game Industry by offering social networking, training and open-source projects.

The best way to Nick’s heart is a good pub, pint of beer and some chicken wings!

Fred Smith
Event Coordinator

Fred joined VanCG Meetup in 2012, became Event Coordinator in March, 2014, and is now the main “go-to” guy for all sponsors, volunteers and guest speakers.

Fred also works alongside Garrus & Master Chief as the VFX Coordinator and animator for the VCGA ‘Galactic Battles’ open Movie Project.

Karen Attridge

Karen is an ideas person, with a life-size imagination, and an appreciation for good humour. Those who get to know her identify her as a teacher. Someone who listens and offers support. But she’s also willing to be the student. Her preference towards flexible thinking means that she treats challenges as an opportunity to learn. She’s always working to better herself as a professional.