Imagine if characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect and Halo all ended up meeting in the same universe. Would they forge alliances, or would they end up battling each other?

“Galactic Battles” is an open film project that mashes these franchises together in one massive space battle that will get the attention of any die-hard sci-fi fan!

The ‘Galactic Battles’ open film project was originally started in 2013, as an introduction to the VCGA’s plans to launch regular collaborative, open film projects. The Open Film initiative was geared to help build strong networks between local (and non-local) VFX artists, to learn about the industry-standard workflows, to have something amazing to add to their demo reels, and to have a great time doing so!

‘Galactic Battles’ is still in production, and is scheduled to be released in late 2018. Check out the Official Trailer here.