Nick Romick
President, CEO

Nick originally founded the VCGA (Vancouver Computer Graphics Association) in 2012 with the goal of bringing together the Vancouver Visual Effects, Film and Video Game Industry by offering social networking, training and open-source projects.

The best way to Nick’s heart is a good pub, pint of beer and some chicken wings!

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Gary Lewis
Technology Manager

The Technology Manager will be in charge of day-­‐‑to-­‐‑day operations, like website maintenance, backups, upgrades, technical issues, programming needs, and technology planning.

The Technology Manager will also be in charge of making sure technology for podcasts, webcasts, audio and video during events is ready and working for Event Coordinators.

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Brendan O’Rourke
Training Coordinator

The Training Coordinator will be in charge of curriculum development for training and workshop sessions. They will have a close relationship with Training Partners and will work with them to develop class schedules, training content and curriculum.

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Louise Taylor
VP Marketing, Vice-Chair

Louise joined VCGA in 2017 as the VP of Marketing, and Vice-Chair. Louise is a results-driven Event Producer and Business Development Executive with over 25 years’ experience in new product development and opportunity analysis. Her strategic thinking and entrepreneurial drive and focus make her a major asset to the company.

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Aaron Fung
Board Member

Aaron Fung is pursuing a career in the VFX, game and animation industry and is working to further expand his skills as a modeler. He would like to focus on environments and props initially, though is not limiting himself to those roles so that he can expand his talent as a lighter, compositor, and FX artist.

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Jonathan Fung
Social Media Coordinator

Jonathan Fung is a native Vancouverite. He grew up loving the visual arts and finding an appreciation for the process of two dimensional work, exploring traditional drawing and painting to three dimensional work in sculpture and ceramics. Since graduating from Vancouver Film School he has gained over a year and a half of experience in the film industry in stereoscopic conversion and rotoscoping at Gener8, Method Studios and currently at ILM, Vancouver.

Patty Chomseng
Event Volunteer

Patty Chomseng is a graduate of Capilano University. She enjoys creating 3D content for environments and is looking to work in either film or games. She is very versatile and is proficient in Maya, Zbrush, Mari, and Substance Painter. She is a talented and dedicated artist and is able to create low to high poly models as well as texture, light, and render. 


Anna Gates
Event Volunteer

Anna Gates is a multimedia designer from Iceland. Her greatest loves are modeling, sculpting, texturing and VFX graphics. She honed her skills at Reykjavik School of Multimedia and at Borgarholtsskóli College.